Valery Cow: "We operate in a single command" (+ photos)

The head of Vinnitsa region Valery Cow March 20 held a working meeting with heads of regional state administrations and heads of regional centers of the region. Participation in the meeting also took acting Vinnytsia Mayor Sergei Morgunov. First head of the region Infoported the assembly of the main tasks set by regional authorities President of Ukraine during the meeting with heads of regional state administrations, which took place last week. This, in particular, the preparation of a set of measures related to the demobilization of soldiers, and regional participation in the construction of fortifications byinvolving construction contractors. Said Valery cow and a high estimate provided Vinnichchine head of state to hold in the latest wave of mobilization. During the meeting, the meeting discussed some basic issues that are fundamentally important. Not the most attention was paid to the reform ofproviding housing subsidies. According to Deputy Director of the Department of Social Policy Lyudmila Karataev RSA, resulting in higher prices and tariffs for utility services from the beginning of the year there was a sharp increase families who applied for registration of housing subsidies. "If in January-February last yearfor subsidies applied 1870 families, over the same period of the current number of recipients has increased 3.5 times, "- said Lyudmila Karataeva. Consequently noted that prices rise in energy leadership States to take measures to simplify the mechanism and procedures for obtaining such assistance. In particular, on May 1, subsidiesappear only on the basis of two documents: application and declaration. Among the innovations also: abolition of restrictions on economic status of persons applying for subsidy calculation data on income for the preceding calendar year, excluding taxes and registration of such assistance for 12 months. In addition, the right to oformlennya such assistance to persons who are not registered in the living room, but rented accommodation and pay the cost of utility services under a written contract of employment, rental housing. Commenting position on innovations in the subsidies, head of the regional state administration Valery Cow stressed the need to holding broad explanatory work among the population. "This issue is of great importance. If the tariff setting does not belong to the circle of our powers, the advocacy organization, the quality of its implementation - the zone of our direct responsibility. We need to tell people about the mechanisms and expansion joints, which are available. Therefore, please treat eat this point is extremely responsible. Control is serious, "- said Valery cow. So called heads of districts and towns operate in a single command. During the meeting, the meeting discussed the issue of cooperation between the authorities and the public, providing firewood public sector area were informedof investment processes in the Vinnitsa region and got acquainted with the basic provisions of the Law of Ukraine "On a voluntary association of local communities." Finally, head of the region affected the fight against corruption, stressing that step by step, this position will be implemented in practice. This was reported in the winerykiy RSA