Rivne retirees receive additional benefits in service Privat

It vervstv for vulnerable populations, to increase income from his retirement benefits, Privat has launched a new service "standard tax-exempt." This service is 27% more profitable than conventional deposits, because the interest is not taxed on it. This service is availablefor customers who receive pensions, social payments and salaries for bank cards. To use the new service as well as a common deposit. Check out the service "standard tax-exempt" at any bank branch or privat24: enough to determine the amount of wages or pensions to which you wish to receive additional incomeand choose the period - 1, 3, 6 or 12 months. And then monthly Privat will pay interest on the card for payments, which were issued before the service. Add "Standard tax-exempt" at any convenient time if the card received regular salary or pension. "Banking services should make life easier and more comfortable pensionerPWM - said Deputy Head of Social Programs Northwestern District Privat Natalia Kostyushok. - Our main objective is customer service at the highest level. It is through the social program service pensioners zaprovodzhennyam new products such as new service "Standard tax-exempt" we save eachpenny pension benefits. " Within the social program Free Privat produces and maintains pension cards that allow their holders to receive and spend retirement at a convenient time, without waiting for the postman or for their turn in the cash department. Withdraw cash from the card can be in any of 267 ATMs Privat in the region and in bankomamax other banks Ukraine without any fees. Make payments, utilities, recharge the credit card money transfer from card to card can be found in each of the 321 self-service terminals. And most importantly, seniors have the opportunity to increase your savings - the cash balance on card is charged 10% per annum. Wasteretired pensioners can also benefit from. For this we need to pay for the purchase card, not cash. Many stores and pharmacies a program "Bonus Plus", which in the case of pension payment cards can receive bonuses from 1 to 20% for every purchase. And this is real money, you can buy the products. 45 per cent of pensioners Rivnenschyus who receive a pension through the banking system, which is more than 65 thousand. customers receive funds on card accounts Privat. Only last year, more than 8.5 thousand. Privat customers were retirees. Today in Ukraine there are over 13.5 million pensioners. The Bank 4.7 million people, including more than 2.6 millioncustomers rely on the transfer of pensions and more than 1.3 million customers transferring social benefits it Privat. Today Privat cooperates with more than 2000 social institutions, pension funds, departments of labor and social protection, social funds struhuvannya, employment centers.

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/