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In the Rivne region "Know. Observe. Observe."

Under this slogan the State officials met with pupils Rivne Gymnasium "Harmony" to recall the rules of safe behavior on the road. March 19 at 15 o'clock inspectors visited Rivne educational institution to once again remind the younger generationth the importance of compliance with the "road credentials." The guards told the kids about road rules of conduct in the way children - pedestrians. For better absorption of essential knowledge for traffic police handed out leaflets prophylactic children present. Also, police have left aside the rules of using two-wheeled transport, because of the onset ofspring of the number of road users began to grow. In an accessible form for children inspectors conducted an interesting and informative quiz on the best knowledge of the requirements of traffic rules. Active members received from police themed notepads, including Maxim Husik, Grade 2 student correctly answering a question by a senior alSpector on preventive work UGAI Svetlana Marco got a notebook and a card, it's still an early age with his parents, police learned Avtobukvaryk. On this day, the kids also had the opportunity to become young regulators and recall basic gestures that should know disciplined pedestrians. - One of the priorities in the activities of Statestoinspektsiyi is to prevent children and preventing road traffic injuries. That is why the traffic police always carried out with the younger generation a variety of preventive measures, especially before the holidays so that they do not become parties to the accident and were disciplined in the way - the Head of Regional Inspectorate AlexanderSemeniuk. To the west and joined the staff of the Main Directorate DSNS in Rivne region, which introduced children to their activities. - These events are extremely positive, as knowledge embodied visually in the form of games, better memory zakarbovuyutsya children - thanked the organizers of the event director of the institution Galina beam. Naostanok kids posed for photos with guests in memory. Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs UGAI Ukraine Rivne region