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Chernihiv region, lifeguards patrol the area to prevent fires in Chernihiv

since 8 March due to combustion of dry vegetation and debris 191 fire occurred, during which killed one person, destroyed and damaged 40 residential and country houses, household 81 building, 2 units of transport, 7 tons gross corchalk, burned 600 hectares of 5 hectares and forest floor. Until 18 March of the above reasons recorded 21 fires during which destroyed and damaged houses and household 9 buildings, 44 ha area of ??1 hectare of forest flooring and 2 tons of hay. Thus, due to the burning of vegetation, fire spread and engulfed a house in the village. Snovsk Shchors Districtand in the village. Rybotyn on Koropschyni and. Black Horn on Semenivschyni - two hosts damaged homes and destroyed two barns. Because of careless handling of fire burned 1 ha flooring in the forest near the village. Klochko Chernihiv region. Near the village. New Mills Shchors district and village. Verholissya Koryukovka fire swept area, respectively, 7 and 30 hectares of. It should be noted that the only response due to fire and rescue units and forest users unable to hold back a wave of fire, which is the result of human safety. In connection ’ communication with mass fires, rescue workers continue to alternate in emergency mode. Also, among the staff of the Department established 4 mobile teams that patrol the areato prevent fires and respond quickly if they occur. With this rescue again urge people to follow the requirements of the fire and environmental safety, civilized and safe way to carry out disposal or dry vegetation. This will not cause a risk to his own life, safety and the environment surrounding people andsave fire houses, household structure and forests. In DSNS in Chernihiv region