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In Chernihiv city started the project "Heavenly hundred. Pantheon "

In Central City Library. M.Kotsyubynsky this week a presentation of the city of the "Hundred Heaven. Pantheon ", in which was held literary and musical meeting to commemorate the patriots and defenders of Ukraine, Ukrainian statehood. This measure bodyzovanyy with the support of the Culture Chernihiv City Council. At the opening session of the City Council Head of Culture George Weaver presented the project. Members literary and musical meetings were asked to view the video of soldiers participating ATO "back alive!", Listen to songs by songwriter, and volunteer unitsnochasno ATO's mother Irina Eremenko and students Chernihiv Law College of the State Penitentiary Service of Ukraine. At the end of the event, participants interacted with each other and shared their experiences. According to J. Tkach is the first event. This project provides many meetings with volunteers and participants ATO. Froma report of the Culture of the City Council