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Anatoliy Sirenko: For the safety of children we are all responsible

early next week on the streets of towns significantly be more young road users. Exemption from school hours, children will spend much time outdoors, so drivers should be more careful, and parents city ’ favorites on the need to remind kids about ruleson the road. &Laquo; GAI its part relevant work constantly to protect young road users out of trouble on the road & raquo ;, - said Head of the Department of Internal Affairs of Ukraine GAI Anatoliy Sirenko, « however, it is necessary to city ’ favorites – child safety depends on each of us, so join in this importantthings worth all without exception & raquo ;. The day before school holidays traffic police hold lectures and thematic lessons, remind kids the basics of road alphabet and the need for optical elements. In addition, during the spring vacation strengthen police control of shipments of organized groups of children as part yuns road users go on an excursion to the picturesque towns of our country. During this period, drivers need to be especially careful when driving vacation spots, parks, residential area. Pam ’ Yatai – zabavyvshys child often becomes careless, and its behavior is sometimes unpredictable. SAI also advises parents not to forget:the best way to teach children how to behave safely on the road, it – own. Kids often copy the behavior of adults, so the more carefully you follow the rules of the road, the less cause for excitement for their child. Press Service of the Department of Internal Affairs of Ukraine GAI