Rivne: there was another exit "social mobile office"

March 18 Nemovytskoyi territory of the village council area, work continues Sarnenski « mobile social office » involving specialists district territorial center of social services (provision of social services), the regional center of employment, management sotsialnoho protect the population of district administration, pension fund sector workers Sarnenski District Directorate DSNS Ukraine in Rivne region. At the regular admission raised the issue of subsidies, design old age, recalculation of pensions, the provision of humanitarian assistance, employment, financial aid, withemelni questions and more. Employees PG DSNS with workers village council and all visitors « mobile social office » conducted preventive Rose ’ yasnyuvalnu work to comply with fire protection requirements, ban burning dry grass, meadows, pastures, areas of steppe, wetlands, other natural vegetation, as wellOJ careful handling of fire during public holidays. However, proven procedure in the event of various emergencies, the signal « Attention all! & Raquo ;, with the threat of terrorist attacks in detecting explosives and suspicious objects. The rescuers have provided practical assistance in organizing the teaching population of fire safety executive committee Nemovytskoyi village council to improve in this area. PG DSNS in Rivne region

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