Chernivtsi arrested a doctor who issued a certificate of evasion mobilizing

employees of the Office of the State Service for Fighting Economic Crime MIA of Ukraine in Chernovtsy region to obtain undue advantage for assistance in issuing medical certificate of unfitness for service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine exposed the head physician of the sanatorium- Members of one of the councils. Established that the chief doctor of the sanatorium proposed citizen scheme, under which its domestic partner for health will be exempt from military service. Issue price was 3,500 euros. Some of these funds the doctor had to pass military members and employees of a panel of military commissionersAta m. Chernivtsi. 18 March c. Chernovtsy after receiving 45.5 thousand. UAH. woman was arrested. Subject undue advantage deleted. Actions on identifying additional evidence of criminal activity and set fihurantky individuals who contributed to the latter in deciding to avoid mobilization in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Departament of combating crime in economics MIA Ukraine