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Volyn region: in Novovolynsk rescuers trained to Vodokanal

March 19 CP « Novovolynsky water utility » conducted special about ’ yektovi training of specialized services and civil defense forces involving fire equipment of the State Fire and Rescue parts 5. Members exercises improved skillsand action-managerial staff and employees on the organization of rescue operations during emergency response and evacuation exercise existing staff. These studies were carried out in two stages. First rescuers eliminated conventional fire that occurred in the joiner's shop through e-circuitinglektroprovodky which caused a hurricane. Because of the destructive power of wind broken power supply and telephone. Then the water pumped out of the ANC 5, which was flooded by discontinuing electricity. During the training preparedness of civil defense units in the company "Novovolynskvodokanal" for tasks. In SDSC in Volyn region