Lutsk cleaned water protection zone of the river Sapalayivka

Lutsk hosted sanitary and environmental day of ordering and cleaning of debris bed and coastal protection strip Sapalayivka River Nile in the streets Hasevycha - Zadvoretskoyi. To restore order joined employees of the Main Department of the State Fiscal Service in Volyn aboutgion, College of Technology, Business and Law Eastern European National University of Lesya Ukrainian, Ltd. "Please." For garbage collected during the action rubbish car was involved ME "Lutskspetskomuntrans." Advisor to Mayor Boris environmental issues Soroka said March 22 that the planet will celebrate World Daywater resources dedicated to this date share. He said that Mayor Nicholas Romaniuk instructed to check the status of the coastal and water protection strips our rivers Stir, Sapalayivka, Omelyanivka, Zhyduvka. According to Boris Magpies, last year was cleared Teremnivski rates and a seating area equipped for Lutsk. In the past, theoki were working on clearing the river Sapalayivka. Advisor to the Mayor for Environmental Affairs said that the current task to bring in the proper state of water bodies in the park of the 900th anniversary of Lutsk. Boris Soroka stressed that after the winter on the banks of rivers, parks and squares of the city gathered a lot of household waste and municipal solid inidhodiv, so they should be removed. "We can not be bystanders of negative processes do not have to wait until someone maintain order in the city. Each of us must show their citizenship and clean around their houses, in yards, on their streets, "- he said. Advisor to Mayor Boris Magpie emphasizes that A necessarybear in order to Easter was our city clean and beautiful. This was reported in Lutsk City Council