In the Volyn region Kovel Interdistrict Prosecutor's Office did not allow the City Council to break land legislation Kovel

Interdistrict Prosecutor's Office was established systematic gross violations of land legislation of Ukraine in the provision of Kovel city council leased land to citizens. It was found that the City Council has provided forovelchanam lease for doing gardening plots of residential and public buildings, contrary to the requirements of the Land Code of Ukraine. To recognize the decisions of the City Council illegal and cancel them Kovel interdistrict prosecutor over the past years and this was submitted to the court 10 complaints. All courts are satisfied.Therefore unlawful decision Kovel City Council to provide citizens lease 0.3 hectares of land declared illegal and canceled. Awarded on the basis of their land leases - invalidated. This was reported in the press service of the Prosecutor Volyn region