The police officers youth Vinnicchina basics warfare

Every Wednesday at the Training Centre Regional Police basics of handling weapons, self-defense techniques, rules of health care and safe behavior in public places, police officers will train youth Vinnitsa region. Manual police Vinnichiny pidtrymalo initiative on public exercises studying technical characteristics of weapons and first aid for students of vocational institutions in the city permanently. The first training camp was held at the training center of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Vinnytsia region for students of trade and economic coledzhu. Specialists police training center had lessons for teens training. Instructors told a Makarov pistol and an AK-47, assemble and disassemble weapons and correctly in position for firing. - The first time I have the opportunity to hold weapons, and learn how to do it - saysfreshman Alex. - I believe that skill I never need them, but they are essential in the present. Experienced rukopashnyky showed participants the training project basic techniques of active defense and attack used during the fighting. According to head of staffing Inna Stakhovsky,assembly program designed with the age group of visitors and further training will be conducted weekly. - Such measures teenagers can get the basic skills of military affairs, medical care and self-defense, will know how to behave if he found a suspicious object and other dangerous situationsYah - said Inna Stakhovsky. - In the present acquisition of knowledge is a necessity, because they can save lives. The police also informed the participants of training with samples of firearms that were seized from criminals and local offenses in the territory of Vinnitsa, a medical service workers who repeatedly vykonuvAli problem in eastern Ukraine told how to provide first aid to the wounded. In the second step exercises, students were able to get shooting skills in multimedia dash "Ruby", which allows you to feel the weapon in hand and work out in accuracy in conditions close to the fighting. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Vinnitsa region