In the Transcarpathian region near Intermountain commemorated shot " Sich "

March 15, 2015 near the village Soimy bordering the clefts, held a rally-requiem, which paid tribute to Theodore Tatsyntsya and other soldiers shot Carpathian Sich. &Quot; March 20, 1939 Lieutenant Carpathian Sich and other hitherto unknown "Sich " were shot near the forest. 27-year-old deceased Transcarpathian regional organization VO " Freedom " several years ago established a memorial plaque. I must mention that the best sons were killed in this fight, but happy to realize that their case was not in vain. For now separate volunteer Cota " Carpathian Sich " Categoriesand led by Oleg Transcarpathians Kutsyna similar Tatsyntsyu Theodore and his soldiers are fighting for a sovereign Ukraine & quot ;, - said in his speech Head intermountain regional organization All-Ukrainian Association " Freedom " Basil Sheep. Tomas Tomas for participants gave historical background of Transcarpathian young fighter. Member of the OUN and " reservoir " in Transcarpathia, Lieutenant Carpathian Sich, a member of the General Staff Military ONOKS some time Khust district commandant was organized partisan resistance movement against the Hungarian occupation the Volivskoho District (Mizhhirschyna). His mission started a third year student of Uzhgorod teachers' seminary when moMr. OUN perform the tasks under the direction of Stephanie Nowakowski. June 1, 1930 made an unsuccessful attack on Muscophiles Sabov. Although the operation was unsuccessful, but it Nationalists loudly declared that Ukrainian movement in Transcarpathia not just present but ready for action. After three years in prison, he could not teach, because studies have not headershyv, but engaged in the affairs of " Enlightenment " in his native village on behalf Augustine Voloshin. When Carpathian Ukraine began his birth he was in the ranks of the Carpathian Sich, deliberately left to die after the so-called Hungarian amnesty, although there was a way to escape. This was reported in the press service of the Transcarpathian regional organization VO " St.rim "