In the Transcarpathian region Mukachevo police had preventive meeting at school

Senior agent of the criminal police for children Mukachevo Gorotdel police Korchnyavyy Alexander met with parents Mukachevo specialized school 16. The police officer said that the common goal adults - to prevent tochild was on the wrong track, protect it from the negative effects of modern life. Guardians of Mukachevo way to parent meetings to get to talk with the parent asset school. Alexander Korchnyavyy recommend parents more interested in where and with whom their children spend their time, look closely to their behavior, always be aware of their casesand problems. This will avoid dangerous "surprises": children escape from the house, dating from the "bad" company, which can result in adolescent involvement in criminal activities. more teenagers trying to prove his maturity and independence, begin to drink alcohol or smoke. Therefore, it is important to children instructive talks etc.the negative impact of smoking, alcohol and drugs at a young body. Not bypassed policeman and a phenomenon as violence in families. Police officer urged parents not to be afraid to report such cases to the police. Finally detective turned to teaching staff asking always be careful and look closely to Strengthother student behavior, asking about family relations, often communicate with parents. And any suspicions it is better to inform the police. Eugene Krasylynets Mukachevo CF MIA