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In high school history class already studying Ukrainian-Russian war Euromaidan

, the annexation of the Crimea and the first aggression of the neighboring country since independence - all these events will now be on the additional pages of a history textbook for high school Ukraine. Thus, according to the Ministry of Education, students will be able to understand the experiences andexperience and responsibility for the fate of the country. This is stated in the plot of the first Western news « the Day » (Schobudnya at 21:00 on Channel ZIK). One of the Lviv schools high school history lessons already studying Ukrainian-Russian war. Talk about Maidan occupation Crimea and military operations in the East. Even without the Studymaterial's students are well aware of the theme – one of them was on the Maidan, someone's family is fighting in the East, and some of the students – forced migrant. Therefore, no training and already have their opinion on the events in the Donbas. &Laquo; It – defending their territory. We used to divide the country into East and West. Perhaps if brought stateand as a single whole, this could have been avoided & raquo ;, – find students. For the new school year textbook on the history of Ukraine 40-page supplement on events in the East Square and annexation of the Crimea. Only if the officials called the war in the Donbas « anyterorystychnoyu operation & raquo ;, then the history textbook of ’ appears a new paragraph: &Laquo; Ukrainian-Russian war of XXI Century & raquo ;. The Ministry of Education insist that changes introduced to foster patriotism in students. In turn, the authors add promised that the pages will be plenty of visual aids, tables and photos of the events. &Laquo; Given the brevity and accessibility of this paragraph for young lJew, we tried to give students the opportunity to draw your own conclusions. We call a spade a spade, but do not try Nav ’ yazaty some view & raquo ;, – said the historian, author supplement the curriculum Alexander Paly. Currently, the Ministry does not know what it is – section in the textbook or publication on the website, but howlingnite school material will be required ’ compulsory. Therefore, how much will cost a supplement to the budget, it is too early to say. Told