In Lutsk Mayor Mykola Romaniuk supported the position of the Central Market

entrepreneurs recently at a meeting of the Standing Committee of the City Council on Land Relations and Cadastre dealt renovation lease land on the street. Glushets 1, to service the Central Market of Volyn Regional Association of Consumersocieties. Finally, the panel decided on making the plenary session 71 th session of the city council decision "On refusal Volyn Regional Union of Consumer Societies in the renewal of the lease land on the street. Glushets 1, an area of ??0.5904 hectares, cadastral number 0710100000: 11: 050: 0005, to serve the market "Central". Predpryyemtsi working in the central market, concerned about this decision and came to Mayor Nicholas Romaniuk an appointment with personal issues to express their views and gave appropriate treatment. The document signed put about 1250 people. Employers indicated that they want to lease the land on whichCentral Market is located, has been extended with the Volyn regional consumer. According to them, there are many entrepreneurs, which is actually the only way to ensure your family. They are concerned about the proposal to the City Council Standing Committee on Land Relations and Cadastre, in fact believe that the current market place can "grow"Another shopping center. From their words, now the country is in a difficult situation and people desperate, so these changes now is not the time. Entrepreneurs care that they can stay out of work and unable to hold their own family. People asked for the mayor to extend the contract with the regional consumer. Mayor Nicholas Romaniuk restBusiness ate Central Market. He said that people support the position. "The draft decision introduced the session City Council Standing Committee on Land Relations and Cadastre. Standing Committees as each of Deputies shall have the right to make the session any draft documents. I believe that in the current situation, when the landno war, if not rising wages, it may last opportunity for people to earn a piece of bread, so the decision is inappropriate. I will introduce the session a draft decision on the extension of the lease for two years with Volyn regional consumer, "- he said. However, during those two years, he said, should work out comSneh vision of the Old Town and Central Market. Nicholas Romaniuk said that businessmen themselves understand that, etc. can not be. Next to the market is Lutsk castle, which is a cultural gem not only the city but also the country. It is necessary to elevate the area around it to tourists who come to us have seen elegant historical memoryWater nozzle. However, the mayor stressed that all decisions on the operation of the Central Market and the fact that there must be, must be solved together local community. Finally, entrepreneurs agreed with the opinion of the mayor and hope for a positive resolution of their issues at the next session to be held on 25 February. The information wasLutsk City Council