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Khmelnytsky: Promotion "For clean environment" continues to Izyaslavschyni

With the onset of spring, in the framework of the action "clean environment" in Izyaslav district conducted measures to restore order, gardening and landscaping in all towns. The action is to bring down the sanitary condition of the surrounding areas and forth, streets, parksin, attracting the general public to create new woodland and education to the younger generation's respect for nature. Subject improvement is important for the area. In recent days, a lot of work collectives institutions, enterprises, organizations, residents of settlements area contributed to restore order. In Analhlyh territories protesters cut trees and shrubs, flower beds put in order and organized the collection and disposal of garbage. As the first deputy head of the district administration Izyaslav Paul Kovalchuk: "Clean, elegant town or village - a task not only local authorities and public services. This is the outcome of all gromady. Remove debris in the yard and around, plant and whitewash trees to plant flowers - it is an easy thing for everyone that does not require considerable effort and a lot of money. At the same time, a significant contribution to public welfare in general. " Before the campaign actively participated employees utilities, teams of educational institutionsdistrict by district administration, district libraries and many others. Further planned to carry out a number of measures still an accomplishment, improved sanitary environment and planting settlements of the district, for which will combine the efforts of rural communities, government, business, social and thunderadskyh organizations. The information was