Luck: Youth Club "How to become a success," continues its work

The project "Youth to Youth", implemented by the Foundation "Partnership for every child" continues its operation youth club "How to become a success," which was created at the town center of social Services for Families, Children and Youth in partnership with BB "Lutsk City Children PolikomLinik "branch" youth-friendly clinic. " Participants in the youth club are orphans, children deprived of parental care, children from families in difficult circumstances and active young people aged 15 to 18 years. The purpose of the Youth Club is to motivate young people to the knowledge of ourselves, a call to CSvidomlenoho life choices and responsible attitude to their own lives, skills development and skills necessary for full social integration and successful independent living. The work of coaches Irina Dohoyda (psychologist Youth Friendly Clinics) and Tamara Bondaruk (Centre of Social Services), using a variety of methods roboty, conduct simulations, discussions, role plays, messages, psyhohimnastychni exercises, discussions, etc. "Also, for better absorption and awareness of current issues of participants - from the words of Irene Dohoydy - were conducted workshops for participants." An interesting continuation of the theme "inner world" had a meeting with the coach teensChristina Gubska of yoga. Christina said: "The inner world of man is a direct result of her spiritual development. His knowledge is not necessary and less important than the knowledge of reality. However, for full self-realization man must be social. " And the end of the exercise was interesting master class on yoga. One of the most pressingcurrent problems, namely on healthy lifestyles was able to convey to participants one of the leading trainers of Lutsk Taras Kolodiy (personal trainer gym Joy Fitness). He showed by example how useful and important to lead a healthy life as a man pros who play sports. Also guytold how you can turn your favorite hobby work. And lastly coach children demonstrated exercises that they can do at home and at the same time maintain a good shape. Training program for members of the club "How to become a success," scheduled until June 2015. Lutsk City Center of Social Services for Families, Children and Youth This postsomyly in Lutsk City Council