Soldiers Battalion "Ternopil" thank residents for their continued support Lysychanska

Soldiers Battalion special police "Ternopil" has repeatedly thanked the residents of Ternopil for providing necessary assistance. However, in the East, Ternopil fighters also not deprived of attention. As the assistant commander of the battalion of mothertial to ensure Dmitry Haytko in Lysychansk fighters met the real patriots, sympathetic people. Local businessmen, teachers and ordinary citizens joined the volunteer movement and actively help our soldiers. For several months, limited liability company "Trading House Kirillov" provides law enforcement in Ternopilyneobhidnishym of food - bread. Business owner Paul Kirillov from the early days of deployment battalion in the town began her volunteer group. Various bakery products every day are Ternopil police. On the occasion of the birthday of one of the fighters bakers bake at present a large cake, giving birthdaypiece family comfort and warmth. Never ceases to amaze its persistence and overwork and activists of association "Lysychansk. Community ". The founder of this organization - Rodion Romanyshyn, who first started volunteering in Lysychansk. Once voluntary groups Ukrainian soldiers entered the territory of the city, peopleleft work to help the military. In the courtyard of the farm he built up a field kitchen to cook every day soldiers warm homemade food. To start a good cause requires only a spark - soon to benefactor joined by other caring citizens. Thus was formed a charitable organization. Through its activities and batalyon "Ternopil" from the early days of deployment was provided with food - vegetables, cereals, conservation. Teacher specialized school 8 city Lysychansk Faith Ustsova engaged not only the charity, but also teaches his disciples to do good. She managed to raise real Ukrainian patriots. Ternopil district spetspryznachentsieodnorazovo attending school. For children soldiers staged celebration of Police Day, was invited to various creative activities. - From all special battalion of militia fighters want to express my gratitude for the support that we give these people, everyone who invests in this noble cause of his soul, - Dmitry Haytko. In SZEMMIA Ukraine in Ternopil region