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Medal of Small Academy of Literature and Journalism awarded Department of Civil Service of Lviv

For several years derzhohorontsi Lviv supporting pupils Small Academy of Literature and Journalism, facilitate the annual International Festival of young talents "Rekitske constellation", which takes place in Transcarpathia. In gratitudeand for charitable activities and promoting the creativity of young talents, leadership Small Academy of Literature and Journalism UDSO Lviv celebrated award - the Medal Malijai. It is a solemn atmosphere handed the chief management GSO Lviv Andrew Pete famous writer and journalist, Malijai rector, vice-chairman of the Board of Directors of the CenterUNESCO Basil Tarchynets. The same awards won and veteran GSO Lviv, police colonel retired, former deputy head of the State Security Service Vasily Bilenchuk that the first days of the Small Academy of Literature and Journalism contributed to support its activities. After the presentation of medals for participation Rector Malijai Basil Tarchyntsya prUlas second presentation of the book "Rekitske constellation" of selected works by students of Small Academy of literature and journalism. Law enforcement officials met with great enthusiasm from the prosaic and poetic works of young writers. At the end of the festivities Head of SSS Lviv Andrew Peter expressed his gratitude to the leadership Malijai through its retional Basil Tarchyntsya and wished every success in the new social and creative work for disclosure talents of young talents, the action to which extent possible be involved employees of state protection and Lviv. In the near future the management GSO Lviv will create heroic and patriotic, literature and art studio "Hart", whichcome into the Small Academy of literature and journalism. Her students will visit families of police GSO and will be responsible litstudiytsyamy senior officer to work with the public and media Kharchuk Denis. Who knows, perhaps as early as this year students of the studio "Hart" will participate in the XII International festival of young talents "Rekitske constellationI-2015 ", which will take place in the picturesque urban settlement Intermountain in Transcarpathia. Over time, if lucky, prepare for publishing a special edition of the literary and artistic newspaper for students "Constellation", and maybe collective collection litstudiytsiv "Hart". - Small Academy of Literature and Journalism fully benefit the children of employeesState Security Service - said Basil Academy Rector Tarchynets. Press office of the Small Academy of Literature and journalism