Ivano-Frankivsk, registered in the 12 fires, including 6 dry grass fires

March 18 at 07.18 h. in the village Sheparivtsi Kolomiyskogo area on fire house. The fire damaged a gas boiler wiring. The cause of the fire - a short circuit wiring. March 18 at 12.02 h. in Ivano-Frankivsk occurred onzhezha part of the territory Ltd CSC « & raquo ;. Forum The fire damaged the roof of a warehouse on an area of ??60 square meters, boiler, trees ’ volved bars. On fire rescued warehouses. The cause of podezhi set. March 18 at 19.51 h. in the village Zamulyntsi Kolomiyskogo area on fire outbuildings. The fire destroyed mineral wool and corn on the cob. The preliminary cause of fire - careless use of fire by the owner of the building. In the Carpathian region continue to register cases of dry grass fires. Only last night there were 6 such fires in Tysmenytsya, Dolinsky, Galician and districts of Ivano-Frankivsk City Council. In theBoard DSNS in