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In Zhytomyr police detained a robber who fled in a stolen vehicle in Berdychiv

taxi passenger area attacked with a knife on a taxi driver and threatened with physical violence, took a wedding ring, money and stole a car. Law enforcement officers arrested the robber a few hours later in a nearby area. About aggressive passenger who claimohrabuvav and seized his car, a taxi driver from m.Berdycheva reported to the police about 5.30 March 19. In the village. Kindergarten, where there were events came investigative team Gorotdel. According to the applicant, it was revealed the direction of travel and car thief made his sketch. - At the Berdichevsky and neighboring areas were intrHainaut in action plan "interception", - said the head of Berdichev police Gorotdel Roman Zaitsev. - In addition, we know who you are looking, pictured previously convicted resident district taxi driver recognized the attacker. Discovered stolen car has a few hours in Ruzhin area. From local law enforcement person who wason his wheel, unsuccessfully tried to flee, leaving by car. Detained as suspected operatives Berdichev, was 26-year-old resident of Berdichev area previously twice convicted of misappropriation of vehicle and possession of drugs. At present, the criminal proceedings once the two articles of the Criminal Code - 187 (robbery) and 289 (unlawful appropriation of a vehicle). Man arrested for st.208 (Detention of authorized official) of the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine and delivered to Berdichev Gorotdel police. Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Ukraine Zhytomyr region