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This year in agriculture Vinnichiny implemented 42 investment projects

According to the Department of agriculture Administration, in 2015 in agriculture is underway 42 investment projects worth 3.4 billion .. USD. Thus, in the field of animal being constructed and reconstructed 32 objectsincluding: dairy farming conducted reconstruction 23 dairy farms to 5,7 thousand. Ch. / seats. From the beginning, reconstructed dairy farms with capacity 120 Ch. / Places in the VCA "Niva" p. Gran Haysyn area. In beef cattle reconstruction carried out 2 rooms for fattening cattle total capacity of 2900 goal./mists. In the pig made construction and reconstruction of pig farms with total capacity of 5 23.7 thousand. Ch. / Seats. In the field of poultry sold 2 investment projects. In particular, the construction of growing indyushatyny in Mogilev-Podolsk district LLC "Ukreskar" village Vendichany capacity of 13 thousand. Tons. In addition, tryvayebudivtion of the poultry "Vinnytsia Broiler" PJSC "Zernoproduct MHP" in. Ladyzhin Trostyanetskogo area capacity 440 thousand. tons of poultry per year. In addition, the region is being constructed granaries of 5 modern energy-saving technologies with a total capacity of 529 thousand. Tons of grain. Also being constructed 4 fruktoshovyu total capacity of 6.4 thousand. tons of vegetable stores and 2 capacity of 4.5 thousand. tons. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration