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In Vinnitsa region opened a memorial plaque in honor of the heroes who died in the area of ??ATO, Alexander Kaplinskoho (+ photos)

Memory warrior-patriot, who died in the area ATO, protecting the territorial integrity of Ukraine - Alexander Kaplinskoho uvikovichnyly in the winery. March 19, on the front of the school number 7 Vinnitsa City Council in honor of the Hero, former graduate litseyu, opened a memorial plaque. At the opening ceremony attended by family and friends of the hero, representatives of the local authorities, including Deputy Mayor Andrew Reva, Deputy Director of the Department of Education and Science Andrei RSA Lisak, friends and comrades of Alexander Kaplinskoho colleagues, students and teachers of the Lyceum and Requestsvinnichane is indifferent. Many kind words sounded this day to the Defender of the Fatherland, a courageous patriot. All remembered him as a wonderful person, a trusted friend and companion, kind and loving son, husband and father. Alexander Kaplinskyy - Senior Officer of combat and special training of military unit 3008 Nationalnoyi Guard Ukraine November 16, 2014 while on duty in the area ATO, at the crossroads between settlements and Gold Mining in the Luhansk region, was fatally injured. The title of Lieutenant Colonel 35-year military received posthumously. Addressing those present director of the institution of school-lyceum 7 of Alexander Suhomovskyyaznachyv: "I appeal to you with great pain in my heart, pain teacher, who survived his pupil. I apologize to my mother, father, wife and children, Sasha, because I know how to grow up without a father, it is absolutely right that the mother should be at the opening of a memorial plaque of his son. God grant Ukraine peace, harmony and peace. " After a littleth meeting, the memory of Alexander Kaplinskoho and heroes Hundreds of Heaven and all who died defending the integrity and independence of Ukraine observed a minute of silence, laid flowers at the memorial plaque on the building of the institution, where he studied brave fighter. Reference: Kaplinskyy Alexander V. was born on April 41979 in the city. Vinnitsa. In 1996 he graduated from the school-lyceum 7, joined the active service in the Internal Troops of Ukraine. After active service in 1998, he entered the National Academy of Border Troops of Ukraine. Bohdan Khmelnytsky. After graduating from the Academy in 2002, began to teach cadets as a platoon commander in training. Zolochea. Later he received a new position - company commander training center. March 2007 was as deputy company commander of Special Forces "Jaguar". In 2010 - the company commander of the training center. Zolocev. In 2011 joined the Master Academy of Internal Troops m. Kharkiv, graduating in 2012. Then he held the position of senior officer of combat and specialtion in preparation. Vinnitsa. Doing his duty to the state, was killed in the Luhansk region November 16, 2014 as a result of shelling separatists. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration