Ternopil, defined in RSA carriers to service the route region

Meeting of the Regional competition committee to determine the winners to conduct passenger traffic held on 18 March. The meeting was attended by representatives of executive authorities and NGOs. Thus, for most routes aboutoblast consolidated certain candidate. Sampling took place on a competitive basis motor carriers, which are able to provide adequate service quality transport passengers on the bus routes of public use. Some candidates did not get it due to non paperwork. Those who previously served oReference to the inappropriate level, the implementation of traffic is not allowed. "We still have routes that do not have a carrier. Therefore urge those who have not filed properly documents to prepare them properly and take part again in the next contest. We advise on the procedure of registration, so the problems with this should not occur- Said the director of the Department of Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Vasyl Yasinovskyi. - Emphasize that the quality of these services and the state of the vehicle details are investigated and evaluated. We will not allow routes to carriers that do not comply with the quality of service. " As a result of competition from the carrierwe are winning, Dobko VR, M. Hunger, Jankowski TB, Myhayyukom MO, Kreschykom AA, Smilskym MM, IM Lozyukom, Bandura BV ., Onyskivym MS, Zyubretskym VM Yasinovskyi IJ, Kraynychynym AI Vityuk UV, MT Mykolyuk, Stetsyk TV, a private Highway, young lions V. PA, VA Krentsilem will be contracted to carry passengers. ToBasil Yasinovskyi end of the meeting said that in the complete formation of economically-based tariffs. Currently awaiting clarification from the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine on facilitation of their training. This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration

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