In Ternopil searching for men who fail to call

in Ternopil searching for men who evade conscription. Most of this area is Zbarazkiy District Police vnutrshnih cases. It was reported at the meeting by March 18 had the acting head of the regional state administration Ternopilskoyi John CreeSak. Participating in it were also leaders of power structures of the region, central authorities, structural pidrozidiliv RSA. We touch during the meeting and issues to assist military commissariat region in identifying reservists who evade conscription and are in search of. John Krysak instructed posylytty this RobAuthou in bodies providing information and legal services to the public. According to the executive service, registered 11 resolutions related to mobilization on prytyahennnya the administration - one in Berezhany district - 4 Husyatyn - 5 Zbarazh - 1 Kozova - 1. As a result of the meeting, actingState Administration instructed to continue work and to report on its results every day. This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration