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Ternopil cyclists Hryniv and Vitaly Taras Shevchuk won in Lithuania "gold" and "bronze"

cyclists from around twenty countries participated in the international rating class one race on the track, which was held in Ponyevyezhes (Lithuania). In the national team of Ukraine at these competitions were Ternopil and athletes. So ternopolyanyn VitaliHryniv group won the race for points among the elite, and his fellow team Taras Shevchuk was seventh. Also in the individual race-pursuit 4 km Vitaly ranked fourth, and Taras in this form again showed the seventh result, but in the race "scratch" athlete managed to win third place. So, Taras Shevchuk won the bronze medal at the competition.Add that our pupils are cyclists Regional SHVSM. Taras Shevchuk - freshman Ternopil National Economic University, Vitaly Hryniv enrolled in college Chortkiv Institute of Entrepreneurship and Business TNEU. This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration