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In the Rivne region Dreams Come True

This convinced Victoria Komar and Oksana Zayko that have recently been unemployed, and now with the assistance of experts Bereznovsky regional employment center working in kindergarten Ever since childhood Victoria dreamed of work related to children, especially preschoolers. After leaving school entered Sarnenskoho Teachers College faculty on "Preschool Education", with interest acquired knowledge mastered a new profession. Student years passed quickly and before the girl was a question: where to find a job. Self searches were fruitless because Victoria appealed to the Employment Service. On the recommendations of experts Employment girlattended workshops on job search techniques, thematic workshops, participated in community service in the territory Mokvyn village council. Her perseverance led fate smile! In pre-school nursery-garden "Daisy", in the village Mokvyn, opened a new pre-school group, and the teacher invited Victoria Komar. Oksana Zaykocook by profession and worked for almost ten years in school Mokvyn leading chefs. The events that occurred in her life, was forced to leave the job in search of another - one that would meet the recommendations MSEK. Being registered at the employment center, Oksana strongly contributed to his employment. She participated in the workshop itselfostiyno and the recommendations of experts visited employers on employment. When vacancies was "Castellan" in Mokvyn preschool educational institution "Daisy", Oksana without doubt and hesitation agreed to work - in fact, this work requires little physical activity, so it fits perfectly. According to the chief ofGalina Zayko kindergarten girls who have found work through the employment service, working with a twinkle in his eyes and pleasure. Victoria and Oksana currently giving effect to their dreams. This was reported in Rivne city employment center