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In the Rivne region employment of immigrants - a joint task Employment Service and employers Promoting employment

internally displaced persons - a priority of Dubrovytsky regional employment center. Specialists Centre conducted with employers and other social partners thorough and systematic work that spryamovato address the problem of employment of immigrants Anastasia Molchanov moved to the village. Lyutynsk Dubrovytsky area for temporary residence Miner Donetsk region. She studied at Donetsk National University of Economics and Trade after M. Tugan-Baranovsky, specialty "Commodity and commercial activities". Once indifficult circumstances, she appealed to the district employment center for help in finding employment in the new place of residence. Employment Specialists picked her local potential employers. Anastasia has chosen the sole proprietor and was T.Pryhodko employment in his shop assistant. One example Resultatyvnoyi Dubrovytsky of Employment of citizens who have moved from the area of ??ATO, there are successful employment of immigrants from Donbass Alexander. With vocational education and work experience in the specialty betonyara, people turned to the employment center for help. Realizing the difficult situation in which was OlexaV. research, experts have made every effort to his employment. Initially, he was offered a temporary job at LLC "Universal Woodland Company". Subsequently, the man with the consent of the employer to employ this venture permanent place of single social tax refund. Employment services and employers have rights underleave these people alone with their problems. Our common goal - to establish a confidence man, bring it to work and instill confidence in the future. This was reported in Rivne city employment center