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Chernigov: Public hearing on the future of the Alley of Heroes in Chernihiv

will be a public hearing to further the location of monuments to Soviet figures that are installed on the Walk of Heroes in the center of the city. The order signed by Mayor Alexander Sokolov. According to the document, a public hearing is scheduled April 3 iniskomu Palace of Culture of Radchenko. Order also approved an advisory committee public hearings and action plans. Expected to create expert groups for evaluation of historical figures whose bust installed in the alley; on the aesthetic, cultural and architectural monuments of significance; on society'sNo-political evaluation of individuals for Chernihiv and Ukraine. It is expected that participants will be hearing Chernihiv 500-700. Discussion on further monuments in the center of Chernigov activated before Memorial Day Heroes Krut. Local historians during the "round table" offered to resolve the matter carefully, and spend Infotional company on true biographies figures, because the life and work of the vast majority of them have not been studied objectively. Chernihiv veterans were strongly against the demolition of monuments on the Walk of Heroes, while a number of youth organizations demanded the immediate dismantling busts. February 9 was dismantled and transferred to the historicalth museum bust of Nicholas Podvoisky and Vladimir Antonov-Ovseenko. The mayor proposed to resolve the fate of monuments in the city through public hearings. Reference: Bust Soviet leaders (Yuri Kotsiubynsky, Nicholas Podvoisky, Vladimir Antonov-Ovseyenko, Nicholas Shchors Vitaly Primakov, Nicholas Kropyvyanskomu, Micaylu Kyrponosu and Vasily Senko) mounted on the Walk of Heroes during 1970 - 1989 years. Some of them - by the Council of Ministers of the USSR. Bust made of bronze pedestal - from granite. Irina Synelnyk