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days civil protection experts March 17th Main Directorate DSNS Ukraine in Lviv region participated in exponential Days of Civil Protection, held at the secondary school 36 m. Lviv, as part of the Lviv region weeks of life safety. Organized the event representatives of educational and methodological center tsyvyl protection and life safety, Lviv region, together with the management of the school. Participants joined the heads of educational institutions Frankivsk district. Lviv, Department of Emergency Lviv City Council, District Education Department and Citizen ’ unity « & raquo ;. Self According to the plan of DHeugnes civil defense started with a line content and educational seminars. Educators talked about important aspects of civil protection in schools and the practical implementation of these requirements. During the demonstration lesson Students studying such important topics as the danger of terrorism, orienteering and walking in azimuth, conceptsrd terminal condition and first aid, use of personal protective equipment and simplest respiratory protection. Kids learn to make their own cotton-gauze Stand ’ yazky. This day also launched an information campaign « Safe City & raquo ;, designed Lviv rescuers then GO « Selfhelp & raquo ;. The goal of – smallest teach students the rules of safe behavior in fire conditions. Thus, the third form demonstrated their knowledge by answering a logical question, practiced in the correct sequence of actions in case of fire. Along with rescuers and volunteers watched educational cartoon kids, then pozmahalysya in thematic contests and games. To safety rules were always on hand schoolchild received city ’ yatni cards with tips from Leo-fire steps to take in case of fire. His vision of extraordinary events and rescuers interaction between man and the environment, students reflected in creative works. The exhibition cs work could examine all comers. One element of the exercise is combined relay. During the competition the kids exercised in agility, physical endurance, combined with the knowledge of the foundations of civil protection and life safety. Under the plan the event, school leaders briefed the property of civil defense,special clothing and equipment for emergency. The most interesting phase of Civil Protection Day has traditionally been a whole-school evacuation. After the alarm, the students and teaching staff all went into the courtyard of the school where they waited fire truck. Rescuers have demonstrated to all present opportunities Fire and Rescueequipment and protective equipment. Little schoolchild helped firefighters eliminate fire in the yard ’ her institution. After the evacuation and inspection of fire-rescue techniques participants returned to school to see the primary evacuation point. This item was opened in Lviv in school for the first time. Appointedand he evakonaselennya to receive timely and send it to the place of settlement, in order to improve provision of Civil Protection and Emergency Situations area of ??man-made and natural disasters. Days of Civil Protection will continue in the future.