In the Transcarpathian region rescuers trained staff of cultural institutions on the foundations of civil protection and fire safety

Rescuers continue comprehensive set of measures to study the population field actions in emergency situations. So, yesterday, March 17, employees of the Department of Rakhivsky District DSNS Ukraine in Zackrpatskiy area indoors District House of Culture held a kind of campaign against illiteracy for managers of cultural clubs, which in the area there are over 30. Thus, the head of the police station in Rakhivsky DSNS Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region, Lieutenant Alexander civil protection Tusher informed about cases of possible nadzvychaynyh situations and the action in the event of their occurrence. Separately rescuer told of Transcarpathia declared high alert mode and Rose ’ yasnyv basic precautions procedure in case of terrorist threats and to act as a signal alerts « Attention all! & Raquo ;. Special attention was paid to the on-treatment inybuhonebezpechnymy and suspicious objects. The speaker separately focused on shelter population heads the House of Culture in the defenses. It also discussed the use of basements in simple shelter and duties ’ these patterns bring them into proper condition. An example has shown the rural community of White TSerk wherecluttered basement local club joint efforts turned into defenses. &Laquo; Of course, there is still work something, but this is already possible to cover, if necessary, to use for other purposes & raquo ;, - said Alexander Tusher. Separately stopped rescuer and fire safety Rachivshchina. Since the beginning of the year in the area has recorded 26 fires it in 7 cases more than the same period last year. Also one of the fires had fatal consequences. Especially stressed the problem of burning dry vegetation and shrubs. &Laquo; in mountainous terrain had not yet come warm as ecosystems in the area have emerged 4 fire. The main reason this – human factor: Farmers, seeking through uncontrolled burning of rubbish to get rid of last year, forget about the possible unintended consequences – destroyed homes or woodlands & raquo ;, - said the lifeguard. Such attention to teaching people the rescuers focused primarily on how to countryman warn against possible emergence ofdzvychaynyh man-made situations, social and natural character. After all, the more people will be aware of civil protection, the more will be coordinated their actions in the event of possible emergencies. But getting knowledge workers clubs can use when carrying out preventive measures in agriculturex communities. In DSNS Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region