The initiative Irshavskoye svobodovtsev with. Tubercle a memorial " Sich " Carpathian Ukraine

March 16, 2015 in the village. Tubercle Irshavsk area nationalists PA " Freedom " initiated the establishment of a memorial plaque dedicated " Sich " -odnoseltsyam who in 1939 advocated freedom Carpathian Ukrayius. In March 1939, in Transcarpathia faced the Carpathian Ukraine, whose independence - is one of the steps towards statehood Ukraine. Nationalists have repeatedly commemorate the " & quot ;, Sich who sacrificed their lives for the independence of Carpatho-Ukraine. In addition to honoring Svoboda wasdaughter participated in the famous village of " Sich " Paul Varga, soldier 128 th Brigade military, Representative " People's Movement & quot ;, and were Horbkivskoyi school students. &Quot; If there Carpathian Ukraine defeated, the first battle, which took place in the village mound, was won. And this Hungarian-hortynska invasion got a decent response. Therefore, nasliduyuchy feat " & quot ;, Sich we as nationalists also ready to join battle with the current invasion of Moscow & quot ;, - said the head of the district Irshava PA " Freedom " Michael Mochan. &Quot; The opening of the memorial plaque Sich organized PA " Freedom & quot ;. The government as usual we did not help, but we have to thisO used to. Collected funds the entire village, but the main part assumed Svoboda & quot ;, - said in his speech, the representative " People's Movement " Jaroslav Hud. This was reported in the press service of the Transcarpathian regional organization VO " Freedom "