Volyn region: Rescuers call not to burn dry grass!

Volyn rescuers carry a set of organizational and practical measures aimed at ensuring fire safety in the region. So one of the priorities today is to prevent fires in natural ecosystems. Organized by holding jointfrom environmentalists and law enforcement measures to prevent forest fires on peat ’ yanykah and agricultural lands. These issues are under constant control of management Department of Civil Service of Ukraine of Emergencies in Volyn region. However, despite the best efforts of rescue workers, citizens continue to neglect of fireher safety, burn garbage, deliberately set fire to dry grass, causing fire their actions farmland, peat bogs, forest fire houses. Thus, on March 17 in the village of Manna Lutsk region registered a case of ignition trees ’ burning of wooden buildings due posushi. The fire destroyed the roof, ceiling and walls would hurtudynku. Fortunately, no one was hurt. Persons who according to witnesses burned house near the cemetery dry grass to be installed police and brought to administrative responsibility. Employees of DSNS Ukraine in the Volyn region, together with representatives of environmental inspection and police conductedin Lutsk near harbor inspections to prevent fires arising from the burning of citizens of dry grass. Rescuers called on the residents to stop burning dry grass on the farm and in the open areas strictly comply with environmental legislation and fire safety for illegal actions bypretend damage to the environment, threaten health ’ S people. On the same day in the village Lyshnivka Manevychi area due to careless handling of fire unidentified persons appeared peat fire, and in the village Bach?w Kovel district broke out dry grass in the area of ??1.5 hectares. Rescuers on the ground quickly eliminated the two fires. Management DSNSVolyn region encourages citizens to stop burning dry grass farms and in open areas. Worth city ’ in mind that these criminal acts are not only harmful to the environment, but also endanger human life and health ’ i! In DSNS in Volyn region

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/