Lutsk want to clean up the parking of cars

Members of the Executive Committee was submitted questions "about the contest to determine the operators for the parking of vehicles in Lutsk." Deputy Director of the KP "AvtoParkServis" Anatoly Nosalyuk informed about key aspects of the draft decision. He noted that the dockHT will enable to establish uniform rules for the competition for the selection of candidates who want to engage the parking arrangement in Lutsk. The decision of the City Council have identified places where you can arrange parking lots. Deputy Director of the KP "AvtoParkServis" stressed that the adoption of this regulatory act will ensure rosesround network of parking places, their improvement, streamlining the parking of vehicles, improve security and facilitate the creation of appropriate conditions of traffic and pedestrians, besides - is additional revenue. For businesses will be provided with equal competitive opportunities in the organization and furtheroperating sites for paid parking. Anatoly Nosalyuk stressed that the document has passed all necessary regulatory approvals. Members of the executive committee there were several questions. Yes, Orestes Mahovskyy asked those who would regulate pricing. According to him, it may be that the cost of parking is very expensive. City goalPeninsula Nicholas Romaniuk said that tariffs for each parking area will be established by the Executive Committee. In turn, Oleg Bondaruk asked whether the possibility of non-cash payment. In answering this question, Deputy Mayor Taras Yakovlev said that all parking lots should be equipped with pay stations. Summing up the consideration of this issue, Nicholas Romaniuk said that this is only the first step in bringing down the parking of vehicles in the city. It's one of the issues of concern. By the way, before drawing up the document studied the experience of other cities. City officials hope that eventually fail to organize the work in this direction. Member of the ExecutiveFirst Committee supported the proposed draft decision. This was reported in Lutsk City Council