There was a meeting of heads of law enforcement Volyn on combating corruption in

Prosecutor Volyn chaired prosecutor Dmitry enhanced operational Chepizhaka held a meeting with heads of law enforcement field, which discussed the state of preventing and combating corruption in the region. Opening the meeting, the prosecutor aboutoblast said that fighting corruption is one of the main tasks of all state bodies and the public expect real results of this struggle. Results are policing Volyn in the past and current years have shown that their activities in this area requires immediate activation. From the beginning, the court directed nineNumber of convictions for acts of last year's proceedings on corruption offenses. This year also launched only four such proceedings. Policing area - said Dmitry Chepizhak - now need to focus on exposing crime in the public sector, especially in the procurement of goods, works and services for state funds, credit-financedstate- and banking systems, foreign trade, privatization, agriculture and energy sector. Increase confidence and enhance the prestige of law enforcement in the community need, denouncing organized crime groups called corrupt ’ yazkamy in government and administration, crimes committed by pupilsAsti judges and civil servants category 1-3. The efforts of law enforcement is still mainly directed at detection and investigation of corruption that have not received significant consequences. Twice as much as in 2014, revealed this year specifically authorized sub ’ yektamy in combating corruption in the administration fororuptsiynyh offenses (14 vs. 7). In particular, uncovered four civil servants (3.5 and 6 categories), three officials of legal entities of public law (PEC chairman), a deputy city council, six officials of local governments. However, law enforcement activities in this area also needs to be improved. Concludingand a meeting regional prosecutor said that the proper tasks of combating corruption and achieve real results with an integrated solution requires all law enforcement agencies of the region. As a result of the meeting developed a number of measures to raise the level of efficiency in preventing and combating corruption. Reported bythe press service of the regional prosecutor's office