In the Volyn region offender drunk and resisted the police threatened Volynyanyn

, being drunk, inflicted injuries countryman. When police arrived on call, began to push and pull on their uniforms, and one of them also caused injuries. By stone Kashyrsky District Police Department received phoneefonne message from a local resident. The victim reported that an unknown man who is drunk, he inflicted injuries. The event occurred about 19 pm. Upon notification, the police went on call. The police arrived on the scene, and then identified the attacker. He discoveredbe 36-year-old local resident. Later, he was invited to the police station to clarify the circumstances of the incident. However, this proposal did not like him, so he made the active physical resistance, including police officers and pushed sharpav for uniforms, and one of them also caused injuries. At the request of law enforcement to stop illegal actions and Mr.and warning of the possibility to use special means to him the man did not respond. As a result, according to the Law of Ukraine "On Police" Police officers dressed in kaydanky offender. And then taken to the local hospital to establish the degree of intoxication. According spoken facts started criminal proceedings under Part. 2, Art. 342 (resistance to authorities, police, public executive, member of a public building of public order or border troops) and ch. 2, Art. 345 (threats or violence against a law enforcement officer) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Hope TOROKANETS, Stone Kashyrskyi PBMIA Ukraine Volyn region