In Vinnitsa region launched the program "Sustainable Development of Small Cities Vinnitsa region" supported by the German Hans Seidel Foundation (+ photos)

16 February, in the conference hall of the Center for training and retraining of employees of state agencies, local governments, state enterprises, institutions and organizations Vinnytsia region devicchavsya big project "Sustainable Development of Small Cities Vinnitsa region" supported by the German Hans Seidel Foundation for mayors of small towns and village heads area. Aim - to acquaint participants learning that will last throughout the year, with European approaches and basic tools for sustainable development of small towns to glueHades small towns Bavaria. The project is designed for heads of village and rural councils Vinnitsa region. Classes are held of Hanns Seidel Foundation expert and Ukrainian experts. The methodology is based on the transfer of project experience Bavarian-practice managers Vinnichchine implementation of the residents of communities without local initiatives Uselast one budget and to form at the base level principles of civil society. At the opening ceremony of the seminar signing of a cooperation agreement between the head of State Administration Anatoliy Oleinik, head of the Regional Council Sergey scrolls, Center for retraining and skills development and the German Foundation HansSeidel. Addressing the audience Anatoliy Oleinik said: "Vinnichchina gained a serious experience in regional cooperation with international organizations, investors and partners. Today, the area is implemented numerous international projects. In particular, the project of the European Commission, Ukrainian Social Investment Fund together with govHome Germany, DESPRO and a number of other projects. I want zaktsentuvaty attention to the fact that in 2014 despite the many difficulties Vinnichchina all its obligations in respect of international projects and agreements executed and prodovzhuyevykonuvatysya in full. This gave us an opportunity, particularly from Ukrainian Social Investment Fund, which the collaboratorworks with the Government of Germany for Vinnichiny receive additional resources, and that at least 10 million. The region has a powerful examples of cooperation on the development of agricultural cooperatives. In particular, in the area Tomashpil successfully implemented a joint project of the European Commission concerning the construction of the plant minimolokopererobnoho capacity of 3 tons of milk per day. Therea lot of other areas in the development of infrastructure. This construction of water supply, provision of water supply and sanitation, insulation and projects in health, education, social security, especially with the problems of immigrants, which we must quickly solve. The experience that we offer Hanns Seidel Foundation, bezsumnivno become part of our progressive movement on the development of our country and we are grateful to our guests and hope that all of us will be interesting and useful to Meet in cooperation. " Note that Vinnitsa Center of retraining and qualification successfully with Hanns Seidel Foundation since 2000. From 2004 to 2012 wasbreak, now more cooperation. It should be noted that in July 2015 to the most active participants of the project scheduled study visit in the city. Kempten (Germany). This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration