In Vinnytsia priority today is to reduce natural gas consumption by replacing its unconventional and alternative fuels (+ photos)

This was stressed by the Deputy Governor Vasily brewers March 18 during a press conference on the results of the field of housing and communal in 2014 and foundedovnym objective for 2015. Basil brewers stressed that the main activities of housing and communal areas were and remain stable operation of critical infrastructure (housing, heating, water, gas and power) and provide consumers with quality public services. Particular attention officer withseredyv on the performance of regional energy efficiency program, operating since 2010 and has already produced tangible results. A significant contribution to saving fuel resources of the state, he called generation of electricity by small hydro and solar power "in the region are 19 small hydro and solar power 16. In 2014, theywas released about 130 million. kilowatt - hours of electricity. This represents more than 5% of the total electricity consumption area ". According to him, Vinnichchina consumes electrical energy within the limits of proven so in January-March 2015 fan power outages in the area was not. Basil brewers called primaryobjective power reduction of natural gas through its replacement unconventional and alternative fuels. "In the whole region in 2014 reduced gas consumption by 119.4 million. M3 - he said .- In monetary terms the savings reached 440 million. UAH .. If at the beginning of 2014 alternative fuel was transferred to 204budgetary institutions, at the beginning of 2015 - already 339. Due to this, the annual savings of natural gas reaches 7 million cubic meters. " The actual gas savings alone budgetary institutions since the beginning of 2015 is 3.8 million cubic meters. For comparison - in 5 months of 2014 these same institutions were saved 1.7 millioncubic meters of gas. Basil brewers also reported that during 2015 it is planned to transfer to an alternative boiler more than 130 public sector that will increase natural gas savings budget institutions and 15 million cubic meters of gas a year. The required volume of investments in 2015 reached 120.0 mln. USD. Considerable timeting these costs will fall on local budgets. "It should be noted - the official said - that the structure of the natural gas field budget is only 2.5%. So, despite the work done in the public sector, its largest customer in the region (60%) of the population remains. Here outreach to switch to alternativeydy heating and financial benefits this can provide significant savings of natural gas to the region. " This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration