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However, take care of forests Vinnichiny!

March 21 - World Day of the forest. This day the UN General Assembly proclaimed the International Day of forests. Since 2013, the International Day celebrated in forests worldwide. On the same day starts Ukrainian action "The future of the forest - in your hands", launched by the State Agency of forest resources incountry. Action is to Environment Day, commemorated in Ukraine 18 April. Forest Vinnitsa region - 13.8%, 15% at the optimum. 70% of forest area - man-made oak. SOEs forest area, performing state program "Forests of Ukraine", ready to quickly spend spring silvicultural work 2015, provideand planting and forest land in state forest areas in 1220 ha promote natural regeneration on an area of ??60 hectares of new forests on lands transferred to the forest fund, an area of ??55 hectares. Increased volume creation this year experimental plantation forest plantations black walnut, European larch in the area of ??21 hectares of coniferous plantations of Christmasspecies (spruce, pine, silver fir to 11 hectares, 21 hectares of Crimean pine). Employees of state enterprises forestry Vinnichiny ready to create a highly productive forests area. Forestry grown for this 12 million. Pieces of standard planting material that will create new forests and green the settlements,site training and educational institutions and hospitals. Foresters will provide any assistance to all who wish to purchase a variety of planting material of ornamental and other forest species. In our area there was a good tradition in matters of afforestation Vinnichiny foresters have a full understanding and active support vinnichane of mistsevohof government and state executive, students and journalists. Therefore, increasing the volume of annual forest planting. We are confident that this year foresters with vinnichane will work effectively, creating new forests. We invite residents to join Vinnichiny Ukrainian action " Future Forest - in your hands & quot ;. Action gives usall excellent opportunity to assess their relevance to the forest, nature, contribute to the problem of preserving the green lung of the state. For a clean environment - is our health, life, happiness! The main event of the action - the traditional day of the total forest planting on 28 March. This day is planned to plant more than one million pieces of oak seedlings zvychaynohoh, black walnut, pine, spruce, maple, birch, linden, pear, cherry .... Dear vinnichane! Let's do everything we can to share "The future of the forest - in your hands" was active in our area and bring the desired result. For the creation of new forests - serious public concern, the right of all the people of Ukraine, every citizen of VinnytsiaBlast! We invite you to create new forests, alleys, parks, landscaping schools, hospitals, kindergartens, their homes, towns. However, take care of the green lung of our country! This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration