In Lviv, creative design combined Basil abora George Smith and his daughter calls

Yesterday, March 17, as part of the "creative city family, writers, translators' meeting with family Kuznetsov - writer and chief editor of" The Bell "and George Koval his daughter gifted interpreter of antiquity Smith calls. How to claimovidomlyaye correspondent meeting was moderated by writer and literary critic Basil abor. First ’ I George Smith – in the list of the best writers of the sixties. His short stories published in the pages of « Literary Gazette » next to works by Valery Shevchuk, Vladimir Drozd, Grigor Tyutyunnyk Vasyl Symonenko. &Laquo; to me by UkrainianLiterature and resembles the ocean. This powerful bezberehyy ocean, which has its continents, turbulent flow, storm clean water. There are continents Ukraine XVIII century, nineteenth century. XX century. Some writers have continents: a continent Shevchenko Ukrainian Lesia continent and others. I am a extremely modest and consider happiness to be at least a drop of this powerful Okeor & raquo ;, – George Smith said. Yurii during yesterday's meeting admitted that God gave him two talents: the writing and editing. He began his artistic career as a poet, later on ’ appeared and stories. &Laquo; said my musical prose. Before you write a sentence I utter it aloud. Only if it sounds good, nand would not stumble only his record & raquo ;, – George Smith said. He said that under the influence of Roman Ivanchuk in the late 60's. Last century decided to take up the creation of the novel. &Laquo; however, since I neromanne thinking, it (writing, – ed.) A little bit stalled & raquo ;, – admitted and writeradded that vocation is not only a writer but also an editor. &Laquo; There was a time when « Bell » I headed the department of poetry, but also led the heading « Search & raquo ;, « Palette Art » and the section of humor and satire. So, I drove almost half of the magazine. I put a lot of heart, a lot of heart in someone else's texts. You youcherpayeshsya at work and then come home and try to create something, and the soul has given all & raquo ;, – George Smith said. &Laquo; What did George Smith Magazine « & raquo ;, Bell is much more valuable than stacks of books that nobody reads. I think the lions ’ Jana with bow Yuri Koval for magazine « & raquo Bell, Which has Lviv, Western Ukraine & raquo ;, – the deputy editor Tatiana Vergeles. The eldest daughter George Smith Ring voluntarily under the influence of environment decided to translate texts from Greek. She translated Plato, Theophrastus, Claudia Eliana, Alkyfrona. Also due Dzvintsi Smith Ukrainian-reader has withmohu acquainted with the writings of theologians and theologians as Origen, Cyril of Jerusalem. &Laquo; I grew up in a family of writers'. Before we came to visit Andrew Sodomora, Didula Roman, Roman Horak. There were Nina Matvienko, Oleg Romanchuk ... His teacher think Andrew A. Sodomora, although he did we not taught at the university. Co.Do something had – or dictionaries, or books – Andrey helped. We had to ask for advice – Andrey helped & raquo ;, – Call Smith said, adding that consults with his father how best to translate a text. As noted by Tatiana Vergeles, George Smith and his wife brought up twogreat creative daughters. His youngest daughter Yasmin Smith famous Lviv journalist. &Laquo; father raised calls and herb as holistic nature. Sometimes when all its m ’ as I think he was too strict with their daughters, even « tyrant » on words, attitude towards life & raquo ;, – Tatiana Vergeles joked. &Laquo; On the one hand, I firmly on the other – m ’ which is oil. Are very different, and daughters were brought up in my example. They have seen since childhood love of their native language to their songs. They were babies, and we give them my wife read Yaroslava Shevchenko, Lesia Ukrainian, Nikolai Vingranovsky, Mykola Synha?vs'ky?. Native word echoing in doshih small creatures from an early age & raquo ;, – George Smith said. Told