April 25, 2015 will be held on the fifth large-scale Ukrainian Environmental action "Make Ukraine Clean -2015"

action "Make Ukraine Clean -2015" is part of a worldwide movement Lets Do It World, uniting 11 million people in 112 countries to take care of the ecology of our planet. This is an annual one-day nationwide socio-ecological action of cleaning and landscaping weedy green areas and places of public recreation. The goal is to educate responsible citizens' attitude to the environment by combining public, commercial and public sector for cleaning up their towns and villages. For over five years in various Saturdays throughout the world (1 day - 1 country) etc.ovodyatsya big cleaning, uniting the whole country. The project involved NGOs, commercial companies and public enterprises, whose employees join the action at the level of corporate social responsibility. In 2015, "Make Ukraine Clean" will be held April 25 to the whole territory of Ukraine from 10.00 to 20.00. As part of the Initial Environmental cleanliness festival, during which different parts of Ukraine will Bikes, eco - Quests, view the "green" films, planting trees and flowers, landscaping areas, eco - forums, master - classes, field kitchen and national flashmob with the greatest number of collected garbage for1 second. The scope of the project is increasing every year. The number of participating in the action, and the number of responsible people grow twice annually. The project conducted a large media - campaign involving stars and opinion leaders who are able to motivate young people to take part in the action. Also in Ukraine Createon the national team, which involves volunteers who coordinate action in their city. The action "Make Ukraine Clean -2015" not support any political party and is a non-commercial project. "ZUCH! -2015" - A social project, which should be done only on a voluntary basis. The action "Make Ukraine Clean -2015" conducts youth movement Let'S do it, Ukraine! . The project has already become the largest social project of Ukraine, has won numerous awards and honors (Effie, Mercury Silver, Globe Awards, Green Awards, etc.). April 25, 2015 event held in the 5 th time. This is the first anniversary of the events in Ukraine. The information was