Foresters Vinnichiny ready to start planting

performing state program "Forests of Ukraine" SOEs forestry Vinnichiny plan as soon as possible silvicultural spend spring of 2015. This seeding and planting forests in state forest area in 1220 hectares promote natural regeneration on an area of ??60 hectares, new lisat on the lands transferred to the forest fund, an area of ??55 hectares. This year volumes increased create experimental plantation forest plantations black walnut, European larch in the area of ??21 hectares and New Year plantation softwood (spruce, pine, silver fir to 11 hectares, 21 hectares of Crimean pine). In 2014 reproductionForest held on the area in 1394 hectares in 12 hectares of experimental plantations of fast-growing species, harvested about 79 tons of forest seed tree and shrub species in t. ch. 39 tons zholuddya oak. In 2010-2014 years in the management of forests in 12 hectares and 56 hectares of clonal family lisonasinnevyh plantations selected 16.5 hectares of permanent Leesonsinnevyh sites, 21 plus trees. Foresters properly hold objects lisonasinnevoyi permanent base on the area of ??3093 hectares. SOEs VOULMH grown to 12 million. Pcs. seedlings and saplings of more than 40 species of trees and shrubs, over 500 thousand. pc. decorative wood and shrub species from further sale to objects about gardeningoblast. Among these are the main types: column-Thuja occidentalis, Thuja occidentalis vereskovydna, Thuja occidentalis golden, spherical Thuja occidentalis, Thuja occidentalis white dove Blue spruce, juniper conventional column-juniper Cossack, Canadian fir cone, evergreen boxwood ... Area of ??forest nurseries SOEs forest is 230,3 hectares constant - 213 hectares time - 17 hectares. For cultivation in a controlled environment in forest management enterprises is 4475 square meters. m. of greenhouses, 4040 sq. m. hotbeds. For the spring planting forest forestry provided fuel and lubricants required silvicultural inventory, vidremontoVano tractors, other special. Subject to the terms of agronomic conducted training ground for the creation of forest crops, cutting area cleared of forest residues, forest crops approved projects in the most rational allocation schemes, snow and ice equipped pits for storage of planting material. By early springcomplex formed silvicultural operations managers, conducted training with them on a 10-hour program, a plan to ensure the information campaign "The future of the forest - in your hands." This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration