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Planting forests started all enterprises in Ternopil Ternopil

as of March 17 planted 140 hectares of forests, representing 24.1% of the annual task, reported at the Department of Agricultural Development of Ternopil Regional State Administration. In Ukraine plan to conduct afforestation about 40 thousand hectares frames and create new forests onan area of ??3 thousand hectares. State of play forest fire risk and preparing for the period 2015 discussed during a conference call, which held March 17, Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine Oleksandr Sen. Participation in the meeting mode audio conference on behalf of Acting Head of State Administration wasrepresentatives of the Department of agro-industrial development. Therefore, the Deputy Minister called on the conduct of each region silvicultural campaign in emergency mode. All companies Ternopil region started planting forests, the director of the Department of Agricultural Development of Oleg pressure. "Prepare the soil for planting forestcultures performed on over 320 hectares, which is 2/3 of the plan, works to prepare the ground continues. Primarily created progeny oak, - he continued. - Problems with the preparation of soil for planting, supply of planting material and pace of work in the field does not arise. Lisokulturni work plan to be completed by the end of March. " In addition, actively began preparation of fire risk period to 2015, particularly in the region made 151 km mineralized belts; spent caring for mineralized bands stretching 450 km; set 112 marks evident agitation in crowded places, inzdovzh highways that pass through woodlands on people's behavior while in forest tracts; blocked 136 units. unplanned roads. Also actively conduct an information campaign on fire safety of the public, as the main cause of fire in the forests of the region is careless people in the woods withFire and spring - autumn burning grass burning debris and stubble. "Together with the management DSNS Ukraine in Ternopil region, we have developed" Regulations on the procedure of interaction units fire protection Ternopil Regional Forestry and Hunting and fire and rescue units UDSNA in Ternopil region during the fighting forest fires. " Also approved plans for the elimination of forest fires and composition capabilities that are involved in extinguishing of forest enterprises - said Oleg pressure. - A schedule of joint inspections of forestry enterprises readiness to respond quickly to the forestmo fire. A 53 volunteer fire brigades among workers forest protection, fire guards, permanent and seasonal workers. In each district conducted raids to identify violators of fire safety in forests and bringing them to administrative responsibility. " This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration