Creative teams Ternopil Regional State Musical College Krushelnytska collected funds for fellow-soldiers in room

municipal institution Ternopil regional council "Ternopil Regional Academic Ukrainian Drama Theatre Shevchenko" supported by Regional Council chairman Basil Homintsya held Graceyna concert program "Ukraine Above All" prepared collectives Ternopil regional council "Ternopil Regional State School of Music Krushelnytska." The proceeds will be used to improve the material conditions of the personnel of the 6th infantry battalion of 128 separate individual mountain infantry brigdi (battalion "Zbruch") and Battalion patrol special purpose "Ternopil". First Deputy Chairman of the Regional Council Sergey Tarashevskyy thanked everyone who came to the charity concert. "Ternopil Regional Council has for the first time raises money for our soldiers. - Said Sergey Tarashevskyy. - On behalf of raidssnoyi Council Basil Homintsya, deputies thank all communal facilities benefactors who contributes to a noble cause - support our soldiers. May you all this back a hundredfold. " This was reported in the press service of the Ternopil Regional Council