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In Ternopil psychologists Management discussed assisting IDPs

events, continuing in eastern Ukraine, destroy peace in the hearts of the citizens of our state, generate excitement and tears. A lot of people are displaced. They lose their native home, work, travel from danger hastily, without wasting time. Descriptivenyvshys in a strange city, these people need support. So the other day was held at the Office Workshop psychologists extraordinary group of mobile emergency psychological care. During the meeting discussed organizational issues and psychological support IDPs from the area ATO. The seminar was opened first deputy heads of departmentsof Spider Igor: "The settlers arriving from the east Ukraine, need care, comfort, practical assistance and psychological support to cope with emotional pain and social problems." Members of the seminar themed documentary films shown to provide psychological help internally displaced persons from the area ATO.Employees sector psychological support TSZD Office prepared to show a presentation of psychologists Department settlers East Ukraine. In addition, physicians Management briefed members of freelance mobile emergency psychological care management with modern aspects of care.