Chernigov: digging a trench - deprived of light and swung on the Internet

Oleksandrivka resident in Chernihiv on the street. Balytskiy 8 hired workers digging a trench for water supply tractor deprived of light and its neighbors. It established a commission on the spot. Tractor damaged power cable and miraculously not hurt the cable connection. And all because of unauthorizedfashioning earthworks, chernihivets not know the location of urban communications that they bring to the houses of the street. He had to turn to public utility "Plot Control for beautification of the city." There Tuesdays from 10:00 to 11:00 experts gather all the city services involved in the agreement, and get a warrant for trenching - rozkopku or the construction or reconstruction. Now a resident Oleksandrivka one way - in adminkomisiyu Desnyanskogo area. Its decision to unauthorized excavation perspective he will pay a minimum of 340 USD. city ??budget. Photo at the scene. According to KP "Plot to control the beautification of the city"