In the streets of Lviv region Stry prayer religious procession passed

March 15, 2015, at Holy Cross on Sunday, the streets Striy held traditional religious procession in which the participation of the clergy and people of the city and villages Striy Stryisky area. Public order and safety of the streets passing column provide workers StryiOn Gorotdel police. Prayer march began at 15 am at the Cathedral of the Assumption and led by Bishop Eparch Stryj Taras Senkiv Bishop and Auxiliary Bishop Bohdan Manyshynom was m.Stryya streets. Birch cross as a symbol of the unconquered spirit of the Ukrainian people, carryingthe brunt of habitats habitats to the Cross soldiers maydanivtsi, volunteers, physicians, representatives of "Legal Sector", clergy, representatives of local and regional authorities, OUN-UPA soldiers in Afghanistan, people who moved from the Donbas and Crimea representatives communities "Mother's Prayer" and "Faith and Light". At fourteen prayer syKicks for the Cross priests read the Gospels, and - contemplation of the works of Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky. Chotyrohhodynna prayer procession ended at the Cathedral of the Assumption, where Reverend Bishop Taras Senkiv gave final science and thanked everyone for common prayer. As Bishoption Bishop, Stations of the Cross - a road, which is our people and is hard, painful cross, or rather, it helps to carry Christ, who together with us in a special way of November 2013 is in our cities and villages, sharing with us pain, fear, but he inspires his presence in our hearts the hope of winning. All the weeks ofyl day took part in the Way of the Cross, were able to entertain patience of Jesus Christ, and in common prayer to ask the Lord God of the world in their native land and a better life for the long-suffering Ukrainian people. Olga Martsynyuk, Assistant Chief Stryisky MB