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In Hust torchlight march marked the 76th anniversary of the Carpathian Ukraine

March 14, 2015 in Hust held a torchlight march memory of Carpatho-Ukraine. Svoboda and " sokiltsi " from all over Ukraine took part in the celebration of the 76th anniversary of the new Ukrainian state. Thus, the central square were about two hundred HustYang and visitors. With flaming torches and slogans: " Heroes do not die & quot ;, " Glory to heroes Carpathian Sich & quot ;, " Voloshin - father, mother - January & quot ;, nationalists marched city. The march took place near the historic sites of the Carpathian Ukraine. In particular, staff " Carpathian Sich & quot ;, place where she proclaimed independenceb State, where he lived and studied first president of Carpatho-Ukraine Augustin Voloshin. The action completed rally at Castle Hill near the monument Carpathian Ukraine. It addressed the present head of the Transcarpathian regional branch YPO " Sokol " Tomas Lelekach, head of the Transcarpathian regional organization VO " Freedom " AydoillesRD Leonov Battalion soldiers " January " and " Carpathian Sich & quot ;, which fought on the front line in the sand. &Quot; For example, soldiers " Carpathian Sich " Now our guys are fighting and the Donbas. Carpathian Ukraine was a complete state with its Constitution and laws, army and prospects. However, Ukraine was the imperial machine itemoperek throat so quickly and Hungarians ran huge forces to destroy the Carpathian Ukraine. &Quot; Sich " heroically fought for a free homeland and we have under way now continue their fight for independence Ukraine & quot ;, - said during a speech Tomas Lelekach. This was reported in the press service of Transcarpathian Oblasttion of PA " Freedom "