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Nationalists celebrated the 76th anniversary of the Carpathian Ukraine on Verets'ki pass

March 15, 2015 at Verets'ki pass held honoring fallen heroes Carpathian Ukraine involving commander " Carpathian Sich " and " the Legion of Liberty " Oleg Kutsyna. Each year, nationalists Svoboda commemorate the heroes who fell inthe struggle for the independence of Carpathian Ukraine in 1938-1939 years. Veretsky pass - a place of mass executions Carpathian " & quot ;, Sich where they buried their bodies. The event organized traditionally Zakarpattia and Lviv regional organization VO " Freedom & quot ;. In addition to honoring svobodovtsev also joined the People's Artist of Ukraine, forobzar Taras Sylenko, students Turka school, " & quot ;, sokiltsi volunteer fighters chota " Carpathian Sich & quot ;. &Quot; I consider it my sacred duty as a Galician stand here side by side with their fellow, to honor the memory of those " Sich & quot ;, that sacrificed their lives for our with you the freedom & quot ;, - said fighter " Karptskoyi Host & quot ;, " Sokilets " Bogdan Fedun. &Quot; Once we land attack Trans-Ural Asians in the West, today - in the east. This war is not at the Donbass and the Crimea not - a war for Ukrainian state. And the duty of all of us - to join this all-out war to preserve for future generations Ukraine & quot ;, - said in his speechesand head " Legion Freedom " nationalist Oleg Kutsyna. This was reported in the press service of the Transcarpathian regional organization VO " Freedom "